Therapy Group

This fall I am forming another Short Term Childhood Trauma Group in Arlington MA. I’ve made a quick video for interested clients. It covers symptoms, trauma related problems, and how the group work helps shifting out of repressed stuck places.

I’m available any time to discuss or answer questions.

617 767 8281 

Be well!

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I am forming a group therapy for those struggling with the results of this election. This post is respectfully not intended for those who voted for Donald Trump.


Since Tuesday 11/8/16, half our of nation is rejoicing  and half is now experiencing a deep sense of right sized terror and anxiety. Coming together as a like-minded community is an effective and healing solution.

The group focus is on managing fears and emotions regarding the coming Presidency as a therapeutic support group. It is also about self rallying and grounding. Elements of the group include.


* Processing feelings, grounding, and wellness plans.
* A resource for parents struggling with modeling and values.
* Non violent based rage work and release in safety.
* Action v. overwhelm
$50 per session, PPO insurance plans accepted, morning and early evening schedule available.
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