New Adult Children of Alcoholics Trauma Group

ACOA –Adult Children Of Alcohlics

Patrick Teahan LICSW is starting a new group for adults who grew up in an alcoholic family. The group is 18 weeks and an introduction to deep work regarding having childhood with alcoholic family members.

The work addresses interpersonal intimacy, stabilization from triggers, education on trauma and dysfunctional family systems, core beliefs and the genogram experiential. The group is ideal for those who are struggling with relationships, depression/anxiety, and negative outlook. Primary focus is on the alcoholic family system of origin. Trauma work within a community of equals is extremely nourishing and lasting. This is not a general support group but rather a specific program for significant change for those who feel stuck. This model is based upon the work of Amanda Curtin LICSW of the Center for Change in Cambridge MA.

If you are not familiar with symptoms of being an adult child of an alcoholic here are some examples:


  • Our relationships can be either overly dependent or under dependent.
  • We judge ourselves harshly and have sense of brokenness.
  • We can be highly reactive or numb/shut down.
  • We can overly feel for others or under feel for them.
  • We are averse to conflict and tend to control or avoid it or even over power.
  • We overly identify with bad behavior and can label ourselves as taking advantage when we don’t.
  • Our view of our peers is in the negative. We overly compare ourselves or minimize others.


Details. This closed 8 person group will start January 2016. $60 per session. Time and Day Thursdays TBA.