Couples Conflict Resolution Group – FALL 2016


      Patrick Teahan LICSW is starting an 18 Week Couples Conflict Resolution Group this Fall 2016.The group will consist of four couples that struggle with resolving long standing issues. Each couple will go through learning a specific conflict resolution tool that focus on the present problem and it’s origin in our past –the family of origin.
     This workshop focuses on how each couple handles communication, stuck places, reactions, and more importantly how the couple tends to fight. It is our stuck places and unresolved conflict that weighs a couple down. This makes experiencing a full heart space not fully possible. The conflict resolution tool is extremely useful in cultivating and building deep and lasting intimacy with our partners.
     This model is based upon the work of Amanda Curtin LICSW of the Center for Change in Cambridge MA.
Details. This closed 8person group will start Fall 2016. $60 per session per person. Thursday evenings from 6-7:30 pm.
Contact and Location
Patrick Teahan LICSW
393 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474