Go Ahead and Scream

15032310_10209805369624047_8453660211071099372_nThe Boston Globe interviewed me today about offering pro bono rage work to the community. I am hopeful that the word gets out as I think people could really benefit from validation and release given the election tensions.

I am opening up my practice for pro bono 15 minute sessions for people to scream it out and hit the bag. It is non violent and safe. Non violent meaning that the upset doesn’t get directed at another human being. 

My practice is focused on childhood trauma and a large piece of that is doing rage work to process and or awaken repressed feelings. Hitting the bag is an excellent and safe resource to group and stop the fight/flight/freeze cycle. It is very cathartic and grounding and I think people need it right now.

I am extending this into 11/17, 11/18, and 11/21. Please contact me.