Childhood Trauma Processing Tools

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     The family rules are spoke or unspoken dysfunction and toxic family rules that children indirectly learn to adhere to. The abusive family system has a certain code to it. The family rules work sheet explains each rule.

     You can download the full family rules worksheet below. It’s helpful to print it out and spend some time with it and write out childhood and present day examples for the rules that apply to you. 

Family Rules Worksheet- PATRICK TEAHAN LICSW



1 ) Which rule was applicable growing up? Circle or make note of the applicable rule.(Not every rule will apply to your childhood).

2) Give and example of each applicable rule playing itself out in your childhood. 

example – BLAME

Childhood – “Mom blamed her unhappiness on dad…saying her life ended when she got married.”(victimization). 

3). Give and example how the rule is true in your present life. 

example -BLAME

Present – “I tend to get involve with people who are extremely negative or blaming…I take all responsibility (guilt) like I did with mom growing up.” or “I tend to blame others for my choices in life.” 

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