IMG_5761“I have struggled with depression my entire adult life. Though I’ve met with at least a dozen therapists off and on since I was in high school, I never quite felt that I was heard or understood as a person rather than a diagnosis. Talk therapy B.P. (Before Patrick) consisted mostly of discussion of symptoms with little to no explanation of techniques for actual recovery. Rather than feeling better after therapy sessions, I usually felt more hopeless and distraught than I did when I walked in. I began to think recovery was not possible for me. 

Meeting Patrick changed my whole story. He was able to explain to me that my symptoms of depression didn’t just come out of thin air, and that I wasn’t just defective. He has helped me to understand the root causes of my maladaptive behavior, as well as how to begin to correct some of automatic thoughts and behaviors that have contributed to my depression. 

Given that his story is similar to that of his clients, Patrick is able to understand the experience of trauma in a way that no textbook or graduate school class could explain. He intrinsically understands the way his clients’ pain translates to defensive or destructive behavior. He is extraordinarily empathetic and attentive, and because of this he has been able to help me realize the patterns of my behavior in a way that is neither clinical or condescending. 

In less than a year of working with Patrick, I have made more progress than I had with previous therapists over the course of my entire life. The most encouraging part of Patrick’s technique is that there is an “end” date. He has convinced me that I am not intrinsically defective, and that in time I will fully recover from my traumatic past and maladaptive behavior. Knowing that depression is not something I will be forced to live with for the rest of my life has changed the game for me in ways I cannot put into words. 

If you feel that conventional talk therapy has not gone deep enough for you, or that your background might include some kind of childhood trauma, I couldn’t recommend Patrick highly enough. For me, the word “abuse” did not ring true until several months into our work together. My family history is one of subtle abuse, more psychological and emotional than physical. Because my experience didn’t involve violence I didn’t know that I was mistreated. Working with Patrick helped me to understand what a healthy family system actually looks and feels like, so that I was able to begin to recognize how my family differed from that. Learning to recognize and name abusive behavior has been extremely empowering, and I now feel that I am learning the tools necessary to avoid destructive relationships and start shedding the guilt and shame I’ve carried with me for decades.”Jane

“When I met Patrick a little over 3 years ago I was severely struggling with sexual addiction. I had tried everything up until that point to recover but nothing seemed to work. I explained to him that I strictly wanted to address my sexual addiction and nothing else. He then explained to me that the type of work he offered revolves around childhood trauma. He also explained that my struggles were all connected to that trauma. At first I was a little reluctant but decided to give it a try, and I thank God I did. I do not struggle with the obsession today like I once did. I realize today that connecting myself to my childhood has given me insight on why I struggle in certain areas of my life. I won’t lie, it was very hard work, but extremely rewarding. I would recommend to anyone who had a dysfunctional childhood to give Patrick a call. I am thankful that I met him and owe him a tom of credit for the great quality of life I have today.”-Anthony

“Working with Patrick in individual and group therapy settings has been extremely helpful in giving me the ability to begin healing.  Trauma should never be shouldered alone—Patrick’s practice helps alleviate that burden.” – J.G.

IMG_5765“Patrick came into my life serendipitously. He had posted a flyer advertising his short-term childhood trauma group in my then therapist’s office. I had been looking for a group to join but hadn’t yet found a good fit. By that point I had realized that there were things that had happened during my childhood that were stubbornly hanging on, preventing me from leading a healthy & successful life. I decided to give Patrick’s group a shot & have never looked back. I’m now a member of one of his long-term childhood trauma groups. I highly recommend Patrick if you are seeking deep, transformative change. With his help I am healing & growing, creating the life for myself that I have always deserved.” –Julie


“Four years ago, I was looking for a therapist that specialized in Adult Children of Alcoholics issues. A friend referred me to Patrick for individual therapy and the following year. I participated in a long term childhood trauma group. I came to Patrick with burning rage at my family of origin. I was disorganized– lost keys, wallets and missed bus stops, etc. was a part of my life. Disassociation, “vacationing in my head” was a lifelong struggle despite being no longer necessary for survival. It actually ceased serving its purpose after I left home. Through deep work with Patrick and the group, disassociation and anger has been reduced to a manageable level.

There are several other gifts as a result of doing this work;, Speaking my truth to my family of origin, becoming more assertive, feeling lovable, feeling happy whether single or attached and less triggered by authority figures. I have gone for longest period in my life without stress-induced physical problems.

I walked into group with serious hang ups regarding sex, money & organized religion. Through powerful experiential exercises, I was able to release large chunks of trauma related to those areas. It was the powerful re-parenting that I needed. I am seeing larger areas of gray in my life. That black cloud feeling that “the other shoe is going to drop at any time” has disappeared and I am optimistic about the future whatever it may bring. It recently occurred to me that I am no longer chasing “busyness” or binge watching TV to avoid sitting with myself.   When I feel triggered, I realize that I need to re-parent myself in some way and often catch that it’s an “adult child” issue quicker. I have a large network of healthy friends. I am disinterested in drama—family or others. I am more cautious who invite into my inner circle. Thank you Patrick for updated my coping skills. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, I highly recommend Patrick.”- Kate