About Patrick Teahan

I have had the immense benefit in training with Amanda Curtin LICSW who is a trauma specialist and group therapist in Cambridge Massachusetts. Amanda’s work coincides with the trauma and research work of Judith Herman, Bessel van der Kolk, and Pat Ogden. Her trauma model focuses on “re-parenting” a wounded inner child under two main ideas: finishing business with our parents and reclaiming intimacy. My practice utilizes this model in all aspects of treatment.

As a therapist, I make it known to every client via disclosure that I am also a trauma survivor who has been in recovery since 1996. I believe making this known brings a helpful dynamic into therapy- that the therapist has done “the work”. I believe it also reduces the idea that the therapist was always a therapist.

In addition to Amanda Curtin’s trauma model, I greatly support and make use of 12 Step program, Mindfulness, Reiki and expressive therapeutic tools.

My private practice consists of individual sessions and couple’s session while running approximately five groups throughout the week. All groups focus on the family of origin and the inner child. There is more about the inner child model HERE.

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Patrick Teahan LICSW is a Clinical Social Worker with ten years experience working in community, corporate and private practice settings working with individuals, couples and families. He has worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Community Outpatient Agencies, and several private practices. Patrick has trained extensively with Amanda Curtin LICSW of the Center for Change in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He utilizes her highly effective trauma therapy model in his work in group, couples, and individual.

Patrick’s focus is helping people identify and overcome long seated negative beliefs and behaviors that in many ways do not belong to them nor serve them in any way. Patrick’s expertise as an individual and group therapist helps individuals reclaim their true self, allowing for the creation of a healthy and joyous lifestyle.