Individual Therapy

The inner child model that I work from is a trauma model that promotes deep change. It involves deep work regarding one’s past and it is really vital for there to be a good relationship between the people doing that work (client/therapist).

Individual therapy in my mind is 80% relationship. I say this because in my heart, I think successful therapy is built upon feeling good about whom you are doing work with. Whether you are seeking therapy with me or another clinician, my main suggestion is to really ask yourself how you feel when you are with them.

The second piece about individual therapy is to be aware of what the therapy model is and why you are doing it.

Lastly! Shop around. Yes, the process of getting appointments with someone is really difficult but finding the best fit should come first. Therapists are not like dentists. All dentists (we hope) can fix dental problems. Not all therapists are uniform in that way.

Group Therapy

The Heart of my work is helping people explore, heal, and overcome their childhood trauma. Group therapy is the most effective way of experiencing big shifts in long seated negative reactions, feelings, and beliefs in a way that individual therapy can’t fully accomplish. Survivors of trauma often struggle with intimacy, self worth, and a sense of belonging. The group model that I work with provides safety, camaraderie, and acts as a healthy system for real intimacy and support of each members healing process. Our first group is our family and I believe that because of this we are biased about group work. This is unfortunate as my clients find more authenticity and connection within their groups than a lifetime in their own family.

Couples Therapy

In couple’s therapy, I work with couples that struggle with communication, direction, fairness, intimacy, and reconnecting to the heart space.  Like my trauma groups and individual work, I work from a specific and effective model with tangible tools in getting through seemingly impossible obstacles. Couples also really benefit from seeing other couple’s try to do conflict resolution and I encourage all couple’s to join a couple’s group.



In addition to my clinical trauma work as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, I am a Reiki master. I often utilize Psychotherapeutic Reiki with trauma clients as treatment shifts deeper into a mind body approach and the nature of Reiki energy brings about insights that normally do not come up in traditional talk therapy.

Reiki also balances are sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and elevates our immune system. Reiki is now offered in most oncology clinics and hospital settings for it healing and balancing properties as a primary auxiliary treatment. Psychotherapeutic Reiki is also a powerful tool in naming and working with trauma memories in our bodies. I am trained under Dr. Richard Curtin Psy. D who is a Reiki Master and author of Psychotherapeutic Reiki.