Exciting news!

I am currently looking for the final members (male and female) to complete the first Healing From Childhood Trauma groups held at my new office location at the historic “Way Side Inn” in Arlington Center (Alrington MA). The group is potentially starting in the first weeks of March. Please feel free to call me with any questions related to my group or my practice in general.


Details- Monday nights from 6pm to 7:30, $50 per session.

The Healing from Childhood Trauma group is an interactive and supportive healing environment for individuals who are struggling with relationships, coping mechanisms, well being, reactions, and negative beliefs. It is comprised of eight men and woman who are doing well in many parts of their lives but finding themselves stuck in others due to childhood trauma and dysfunctional family dynamics. The group is approximately scheduled to start in the first weeks of March 2013.flyer face 2

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